Elaine's Story

As told by Husban Mark:


Elaine’s fund raiser for The Air Ambulance and the Churchill Hospital

Elaine was diagnosed with inoperable and terminal lung cancer in September 2018 she was given a 12 to 18 months to live prognosis. Things did not look good. So, we got married that December that year at a bikers wedding in Abingdon. Then knuckled down to the fight.

She was given a series of chemo treatments at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford which were successful and receives maintenance chemo every 3 weeks (ongoing). She has always maintained a positive can-do attitude which I admire immensely.

The 12 month ‘D’ Day as she called it came and went and the 18 month ‘D’ day is in March 2020.

Since that diagnosis she has (in just over a year)………..


Got married.

Toured the Picos mountains, Spain and Portugal. On a bike (pillion) and by van. Sleeping in tents.

Worked on St Kilda island catering for a photographic company.

Visited Budapest.

Done a safari in Zimbabwe

Worked on the Ilse of Tiree catering for an international radio hams competition.

Visited Thailand/Vietnam.

Been to many bike rallies and weekend events (sleeping in tents)..…..

To put it bluntly our lives have been non-stop, and we have learnt what is possible and what is not.


Now her biggest challenge.


Because of the beating both ‘D’ days we felt it would be a good idea to celebrate by raising money for The Air Ambulance and the Churchill Cancer Hospital in Oxford

So, 2 months after the 18 month ‘D’ day in May she is planning on riding her BMW 800GS to Greece and back for a beer with a friend.

I have had to curb the plan a little in that we will be travelling as far as Ljubljana (Slovenia) by van with the bikes in the back while camping on route. The route is having to be planned very carefully, there are certain restrictions on where we can go (no cities due to increased air pollution, remaining at low altitude where possible due to reduced oxygen levels at higher altitudes, etc)

From Ljubljana we will riding the bikes to Ioannina (Greece) the round trip includes riding through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and then back to Slovenia.

Some 3150km just short of 2000 miles

Elaine is one amazing lady, anybody who knows her is in awe of her strength, her energy and her attitude.

She deserves more than life has dealt her, so I ask you please make all of her efforts involved in completing this epic tour worthwhile by making a donation.

ALL money raised will be donated to charity.


Thanks, Mark